Gymnasium Floors

Gym Floor Installation

Cedar Creek Flooring has been specializing in gym floor installations for over 25 years.  Our quality, expertise, and level of service keep our customers coming back year after year and referring others to us.

Aacer Sports Floors


We are a certified Aacer installer and can install all types of Aacer Sports Floors, which includes a variety to suit many different needs including basketball courts, volleyball courts, and more.

Gym Floor Installation Process

Here is a bit about how our process typically works:

  • Before doing anything, we will present you with a detailed drawing of how the floor will be laid out, including the center court logo, graphics at the ends, and game lines.  If your logo and/or graphics are in need of design work, our excellent graphics department can help with this as well.  
  • Wooden gymnasium floors are typically installed with a sub floor over rubber pads, followed by maple flooring on top.


  • First, the floor is sanded down to bare wood.  We use a vacuum system that helps control the dust.
  • Two coats of seal are applied.
  • Gamelines, logos and graphics are added to the floor.  
  • Lastly, two more coats of finish are applied.

We can also handle any repairs that may be needed at the same time.

Maintenance Coating

This is normal maintenance for your gym floor.  Typically done every year or as needed, we're happy to help you with this.  We offer a wide variety of finishes, including oil-based and water-based.  Whatever your needs and preferences are, we can help find the best product to accomodate you.

Gym Floor Maintenance

Keeping your gym floor properly maintained will greatly extend its life and protect your investment.  Cedar Creek Flooring offers yearly maintenance service to fix the scratches and scuff marks that build up over time.

Click here for information on how to care for your floor.

Gym Floor Repairs

We can repair all kinds of gym floor problems such as:

  • Areas in need of patching
  • Scratches and scuff marks
  • Boards that have lifted out
  • Splinters
  • Warped boards

Water Damage

For water damage, we offer a drying service that utilizes fans and ductwork to dry the floor from underneath.  This system is also available for ongoing prevention of moisture issues and is extremely effective for keeping your floor in good condition for years to come.

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